How do i can stop service on android version

hi all
i flash latest android version download link:
the version working to well at 410c .but always had one tips :Unfortunately the process had stopped
can i remove service file by adb ? how i doing pls tell me thanks

i found version can working to well . but this is version no lsusb :frowning:

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Hi puzhi,

Have you looked at your logcats to see what creates the crash? If you post, I can take a look as well.

Hi Puzhi,


I have made the following changes to disable phone component and it works properly:-

in build/target/product/


in build/target/product/
comment Telecom and Teleservice

in device/qcom/msm8916_64/system.prop
change ro.telephony.default_network=0

in vendor/qcom/proprietary/common/config/

Let me know in case of further issues.


See here for another fix to the issue (which doesn’t disable telephony):

11’s solution works to me.


I have faced the same issue with this image

Upon upon keyboard is connected with dragonBoard, then i downgraded to

This image is working fine without any issue.