How can i set i2c gpio-irq number


Hi all,

i want to set gpio210 (aka. GPIO-C) to irq pin in Hikey960.

refer this thread -> How do I set-up i2c node in dts file?
i2c device tree node like this.
ven-gpio = <&gpio26 0 0>;
firm-gpio = <&gpio26 2 0>;
irq-gpio = <&gpio26 4 0>;

it’s work but i want to exchange firm and irq pin gpio number, Due to my hardware configuration.
like tihs
ven-gpio = <&gpio26 0 0>;
irq-gpio = <&gpio26 2 0>;
firm-gpio = <&gpio26 4 0>;

but it is not work in latest 4.9 linaro kernel
This error occurs.
genirq: Failed to request resources for (irq 290) on irqchip pl061

irq-gpio = <&gpio26 4 0> is work but i have to do irq-gpio = <&gpio26 2 0>
how can i regester hikey960 gpio210 to isr?

pls help me