Hikey970 output on a bluetooth device is intermittent

Has anyone noticed that the Hikey970’s output on a bluetooth device is intermittent, sometimes off and on?(such as bluetooth headset or bluetooth speaker)

Far as i know there is a problem in the device tree mapping for the bluetooth.
It is a part of the wl18xx wifi chip.
If you look in the kirin970-hikey970.dts file there is a note about it in there.

Are you talking about this?

/* bluetooth - TI WL1837 /
kim {
compatible = “kim”;

  • FIXME: The following is complete CRAP since
  • the vendor driver doesn’t follow the gpio
  • binding. Passing in a magic Linux gpio number
  • here until we fix the vendor driver.
    BT_EN: GPIO_054_BT_EN /
    nshutdown_gpio = <462>;
    dev_name = “/dev/ttyAMA4”;
    flow_cntrl = <1>;
    baud_rate = <115200>;
    baud_rate = <3000000>; /
    baud_rate = <230400>; ok /
    baud_rate = <921600>; ok /
    baud_rate = <1500000>; nok */

Yes that is what i am talking about.
You may be able to get support on the TI website and maybe it’s not related at all.

I do know that this is what causes the ldisk uninstalled error in the serial console.

Thank you. It’s useful.

Does you know why Hikey 970 WiFi can be connected but prompts that there is no Internet?

I have not had any issue with wi-fi.
But i am running Ubuntu 18.04 from the Bionic Builder.
Ubuntu 18 uses netplan rather than network manager but if the configuration files are correct both should work.
My best guess is that the type of security your using on the router might make a difference. WPA, WEP etc…

I would double check the config files and try to set a different security type.

I found it on my own compiled Android system.
I can get the IP address,but there is no Internet.
I don’t see wi-fi MAC address, could this cause this problem?

Hello I have the same issue with the bluetooth headset under android have you found a fix for this issue ?