Hikey970 not showing power

I think my Hikey970 might have died, we recently had a power surge. When trying to boot I’m getting no lights. At first, I thought that I might need to do a Recovery. However, during the process I have noticed that the host no longer recognizes it. Checked my PIN’s a dozen times. I’m wondering if there is maybe a fuse that I can unsolder and replace?

There is no fuse. If something dies from a power surge, it would likely first be the power supply, next would be a buck regulator on the board. Have you tried a different power supply or tested the power (voltage) coming from yours while trying to power the board? I have had a buck regulator fail spontaneously on a hikey960.

Schematics are here. As you will see there’s an over-voltage protection chip and then an LED. No LED means something has broken fairly in the chain (or that the LED is broken :wink: ). Anyhow hopefully you can map to the board by relying on the part numbers. Certainly it’s worth reading power at the LED with a multi-meter.