Hikey970 ethernet,wifi and gnome desktop issue

I have encountered the following problems while using hikey970. I wonder if anyone can help me?

  1. The network cable interface does not seem to work properly (nor does non-hot plugging). The relevant device was not found in the lebuntu command;

  2. WIFI signal is sometimes weak and sometimes strong, and I don’t know whether it is normal or not.If yes, whether the antenna can be used to enhance the reception of signals;

  3. I tried to change it to the gnome desktop for lebuntu, but it kept going black after restarting the desktop switch.

As far as gnome desktop.
I believe the problem is that we are using a DRM driver for the display and not a wayland driver or X-Server. So without X-Server the gnome desktop wont run.

We have been complaining for over a year about the lack of a driver for X or wayland and the mali g72 GPU.

If they ever provide the driver then we could fix that.