Hikey960 stable kernel on 4.9 tree

Hello All,

I need the 4.9 stable kernel, which supports Hikey960.
I could find lot of branches (for hikey960) in “https://github.com/96boards-hikey/linux/”.

Which one to choose ?

Looking for stable kernel on 4.9 tree, which has almost all support for hikey960.
Can somebody help me to choose proper branch ?


Is 4.9 a requirement?
You can look at Hikey android kernel (android-hikey-linaro-4.4):


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, 4.9 is requirement.
Could you please suggest any specific branch now ?


I’m not sure why @Loic didn’t suggest this, but the same repository, use branch android-hikey-linaro-4.9 – which is the default kernel branch used for AOSP. It may not be completely stable, but its as stable as you’re going to get and not nearly as bloody as 4.14.

Correct I pointed to the wrong branch (4.4). 4.9 is what you want.