Hikey960 out of stock in worldwide?

I see the list of online shops selling Hikey960 on the following page.

Except FabToLab (India), all stores show “out of stock”.
Is the manufacture of Hikey960 discontinued?

It seems that Lenovator have stock (1000). Wondering if that’s actual real.
Any official comment from 96boards on the available and “future” of the board would be really helpful.


Does anyone have more information on this please? The 960 board still seems very hard to get hold of.



HiKey960 is close to End of Life and there is VERY limited stock <100 now. Due to this the price is expected to be higher than usual hence we would only refer you to our MPs if you want quote information.


Hi Yang,

Thank you for taking the time to answer. Can you tell me which distributor holds the stock? we have used 960’s up until now and have bought a few 970’s due to availability of 960’s but we have found compiling the AOSP for the 970 to not be so simple as for 960 so we are looking into whether we can buy any more 960’s.

We would probably want 10-20 of them.


Hi Dan

Sorry for late responses - the limited stock is due to some restrictions put on the parts from certain part of the worlds.

I can make email introduction if you need - they can comment on the stock directly.


Do you guys still have stock i posted a thread in the general channel?

Hi @yang
Any updates on Hikey 960 availability? Do you know if there are still restrictions on some parts for this? Which parts are those?

Sorry for late response - unfortunately this is out of stock worldwide.

I have an unused HiKey 960 board with 4GB of RAM laying around that is like new and has been bought in 2018 and only been briefly tested and was never used since. I would be happy to sell it to anybody who has a use or need for it. Please get in touch if you do!

I would be interested in getting it.

Ah great! Would you like to send me an email so we can discuss the details? You’ll find the link here: Jürg Lehni — Information

Cool, email sent. Thank you

My HiKey 960 board is still available, if somebody is interested. I’ll keep it, so even if somebody needs a replacement board years from now, chances are it’s still bouncing around in my storage somewhere :slight_smile:

The board has now been sold. The supply chain squeeze is finally good for something, I guess.

if somebody here has one to offer, i’d love to buy it!


I’m also looking for additional board. If anybody has it and wants to sell, please let me know.


Any update about available boards? 2nd hand is also OK.
We would love to buy it with high price.

Still looking for a HiKey960?