HIkey960 How install\compil previous version of Android


I try to build previous version of Android for HIkey960 using this :
repo init -u platform/manifest - Git at Google -b android-7.1.2_r33

After some adjustment and a long time build succeed, but when I flash the result the target is dead any more USB vitality sign - after a small fright, every things return to normal (thanks to unbrick proc)

Previously I can build master head and flash the device correctly (I need to get the prebuild image and replace img and bin - the flash-all script brick the device).

Is there a proc to build android 7 or older version like kikat ?

Is there a place where I can download prebuild images to test stability of previous version of Android ?

During build proc I use binary : arm-hikey960-NOU-7ad3cccc.tgz, I suppose NOU is for NOUGA but it work with O version, so can I use it to build Kitkat ?

Thanks for your help,

hikey 960 is in maser branch only since it was never existed for 7.x. so you’ll only get older version for original hikey board with the 620 soc and not the hikey 960.

What a pity…

Thanks for answer