Hikey960 Device is not powered up after 2 to 3 days continous run on SPI or I2C

Have done some transaction continuously 2 to 3 days on SPI /I2C and after that device is not booting up.
Have faced this issue on 3 boards able to recover 2 devices by installing installer images but still one device is not booting.
@leo-yan kindly let me if any solution for this.

Does there have no any print log for the board cannot boot?

Sorry not booting means device itself is not powered up due to that unable collect the logs.
I have followed the below steps to recover.
1.Try to enter into fastboot mode but its not entering in to the fastboot mode and tried with physical switch also but no luck.
2.Tried to enter to the recovery mode also but /dev/ttyUSBx is not detected.