HiKey unique ID form SoC

Does the HiKey board have a unique ID in the SoC that can be read out and that allows identifying different board in software (e.g. in UBoot or from Linux). Anything that is quasi-fixed in the hardware would be nice, e.g. a serial number in ROM or fuses that can be read directly, but a unique root key in a peripheral that can be used to generate something would also work.
Putting something into the flash is a fallback solution, as this can be changed easily. Where does the MAC of the board come from?

repyling to myself concerning the MAC, it’s from config data in flash, so not really what I’m looking for. ;(

See also my question at https://lists.96boards.org/pipermail/dev/2016-February/000774.html. One answer was that eMMC has a 32-bit serial number, it can be read with cat /sys/bus/mmc/devices/mmc0:0001/serial