Hikey Recovery Mode Access in Virtual Linux


I am running Ubuntu Linux as Guest VM in Virtual Box on Win7.
Installing AOSP via fastboot (Hikey Link 5-6 closed) in Linux on the HiKey boardworks very well.
Win7 recognizes HiKey Board as Android2.0 Devices and Linux recognizes HiKey Board via fastboot devices cmd.

However accessing HiKey in Recovery Mode (Hikey Link 3-4 closed) does not work.
Win7 does not recognize the Driver for ㄰㌲㔴㜶㤸 with USB\VID_12D1&PID_3609&REV_0000 and when inlcuding ㄰㌲㔴㜶㤸 as USB Device in Linux (via Virtual Box) it does not show up as /dev/ttyUSBx.
I assume not having a working driver in Win7 might be the Problem. I was searching for a driver with this Vendor ID and Product ID for Win7 but couldnt find one.

Is there a driver for USB\VID_12D1&PID_3609&REV_0000 for Win7 which could solve the Problem?
OR is Native Linux the only way to go here?


Speaking from personal experience, use native linux or if you don’t have a spare machine, make a bootable usb. It’ll save you lots of trouble, headache, time, effort, etc etc.
FYI, will not work on osx either.

Hi mark,
Did you resolved the problem? I have the same question.

Hi tomlin,

I proceeded with using a Native Linux (on an external bootable usb drive), which resolved the issues.

In case native linux is not an option for you at all, a colleagues of mine got it to work with the VMware Workstation Player on Win 7 (which I don’t have experience), and you may give this a try.