Hikey not getting power

Hi Guys,

I bought 2 hikey boards from lenovator.

I am using the 12V 2amp adapter for them.

Both boards not working at all.

I am not getting the green led.

Is there any way I can report this and return the product back and get my money back?
Is there any way that I can make this work?
Are there any suggestions to debug this issue?

I am getting the 12V at the power connector in the hikey ( I verified this with the help of multimeter)

Both are 1GB boards.

I bought 2GB board from my local seller and that’s working fine with the same power adapter and the things.

You could try running the debrick procedure on the boards and see how you get on. See http://www.96boards.org/documentation/ConsumerEdition/HiKey/Installation/BoardRecovery.md/ (and, yes, the link to help you find this page from the docs is broken but I just submitted a PR to get that fixed).

If you can’t get the board working using the instructions above you’ll have to get in touch with lenovator to discuss returns.

The issue here is that I am not getting the /dev/ttyUSB0 when I did

Auto Power up	Link 1-2	closed
Boot Select   	Link 3-4	closed
GPIO3-1   	    Link 5-6	open

That does sound like the boards are probably DOA, something I’m afraid you need to discuss that with whoever sold them to you.

There’s only one more thing I should probably check first though… there is a fairly short timeout in the boot ROM so if you don’t move fast enough the /dev/ttyUSB0 can appear and disappear before you notice.

Best way to prove this didn’t happen is to ensure the micro-USB cable is attached and run “dmesg -w” before you fire up the board, You may already have done this but I do need to check.