Hikey: Micro USB not responding anymore


I am using this Hikey for a while now. Today I was trying to install new bootloader and images.
and then tried to reboot. Now the device is not responding any more.

I tried to following two things:

1 - fastboot

1-2 close
3-4 open
5-6 close

micro usb is connected to machine

sudo ls /dev/ttyUSB*

And I can’t find the device.

Then I tried recovery.

2)- Recovery

1-2 close
3-4 close
5-6 open

sudo ls /dev/ttyUSB*
that is also not found. (I know it only show it for 90 secs, but I tried this multiple times. No luck)

How do i debug this? Is my device broken now?

I just tried with another micro USB, and it is working. Sorry it was the problem with the cable.