Hikey, KVM and Anroid

Hello everyone,

I currently try to virtualize an Android system with the help of KVM on my Hikey board. Right now, I’ve installed CE Debian RPB - 16.03 which includes KVM/ARM. Since I want to make use of KVM’s HW-virtualization utilization, I probably need an Android build for the Hikey board or eventually need to build one on my own.
I certainly cannot just use any Android build as it should mainly run on the HW instead of emulated HW.

Can someone lead me to the right direction? Are there any Android images that serve the purpose of being a KVM guest?


Hi @r00trunner,

We do not have the AOSP build made as KVM guest but technically it should be possible since KVM is working on 16.03 Debian RPB.

It might able to get help on building AOSP image for your purpose from joining mailing list at bellow link.

Hey Akira,

thank you for the quick reply and your suggestion regarding the mailing lists. Anyways, I still want that thread to stay active, so I try to ask further questions here, too.

What would I need to do to create an Android KVM guest image? I actually don’t really see why I need to build a specific Android KVM guest image at all since the guest shouldn’t be aware of being virtualized. By using KVM hardware virtualization, the guest should run on the hardware most of the time. Can you clarify why I would need to create a specific guest?