Hikey_idt on arm



Would it be possible to get hikey_idt compiled so that it can run on a raspbian equipped raspberry pi please?



@guodong might help for this, IIRC, before there have the same requirement; but I don’t know if we have the binary for ARM version.


Yes there was a request for it, and a working solution too. Too bad it was for aarch64, not arm(hf). I can’t find a way to run amd64 binaries (hikey_idt for example) on my RPi, so a native version would help.


Don’t pi2 and later have A53’s?


I am using Pi model B, which does not have A53.


hikey_idt can be run using qemu user mode emulation.

I tested this with Debian/arm64 using the instructions fount at https://wiki.debian.org/QemuUserEmulation (with armhf replaced by x86_64).

In principle the same thing can work with armhf too although if you are running Raspbian there will be quite a bit of apt hackery needed (since you’ll need to get the x86_64 binaries from Debian servers).