Hikey DDR Controller



What DDR controller does the Hikey (Lemaker 2GB) board use? The Hi6220 SoC Function Description document does not provide any information on that.

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Hi @fredric,

I would like to ask internally.

Would you mind teaching us what would you like to do or what is your objective?
It helps to get the accurate answer.


Hello Akira,

I would like to be able to configure the memory controller, e.g. to control the Quality of Service different agents in the system receive.

The ARM CoreLink™ DMC-400 Dynamic Memory Controller for instance allows for this type of configuration.

BR Fredric


Hi @fredric,

We found that ARM’s DMC-400 is not used for the Kirin 620 on Hikey, it is purely Hisilicon’s IP.

Is this answer OK for you?


Hello Akira,

I am afraid not. My objective is still what I stated above, and for that I need the reference documentation for the memory controller, and any other information needed to be able to communicate with it.

BR Fredric


Hi @fredric,

Does your control the Quality of Service means that you would like to configure having higher priority or more bandwidth for specific IP in the SoC?

I only had a reply that it only could be possible to changing the entire frequency of DDR from 800MHz to lower frequency.