HiKey coil marked 102D

Hello, I can only imagine how stupid this is, but after receiving the board, I have put it on the table, and after picking it up I have noticed, that a coil marked 102D had fell off the board.
Not sure exactly what was the purpose of this part, or why after putting it gently on a stack of paper sheets would make it broke, but:

  • what is the full name of the part or replacements parts?
  • is that coil neccessary to use the board? (I guess it is, but need to be sure)

To be exact - the part I am writing about is the one at left-top corner, silver color, below the board L19 markings. The part is marked 102D.

Isn’t it wonderful that the schematics are available?
Check out the first page of the schematics in the upper-left corner of the page.
It identifies that coil as LP5030-102NRB

Which comes up on Google with nothing but a link back to the schematics.

Breaking it down a little (and searching for 102NRB) yields LPD5030-102NRB

Schematics maybe are missing the “D”?

Anyhow, I think the document you are seeking is this; http://www.coilcraft.com/pdfs/lpd5030.pdf

To answer the second part of the question… yes, you need it for the board to work. You won’t get any power otherwise.

Have you considered just soldering it back on? just make sure its pointed the right way.

Thank you, I appreciate it. That is really great that schematics are available, I’m simply not skilled enough to read them (yet).

I would like it to be just soldered back, just the guy who is doing that kind of stuff said that some part of that coil was damaged and it will produce more problems.

@deathang3l sorry to hear about this. I actually have a board on my desk that I use regularly that has had a similar accident. This part is the main input inductor and acts as an EMI filter. If it is damaged and cannot be soldered back on, after referring to the schematics, you can bridge across it in the way we have done (hopefully more tidily than mine).

Note that this is obviously not recommended and you must be confident in using a soldering iron and you do this at your own risk. See photo here: https://www.96boards.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/20150721_163120.jpg

Thanks for replies, the coil was disassembled, fixed, reassembled, soldered back and - just to make sure - glued to the board. It works now. Finding that specific coil is not very easy task, but when found it is extremely easy and quick to have it. I have ordered it one day, it was on my desk the next day (after the board got fixed anyway). Didn’t really have the time to read FAQ, but I guess that sending links to shops isn’t very good idea, anyway, if the guy who fixed it will describe in details what have been done (and I asked him to) I will put here that detailed description, maybe it will prove helpful.