Hikey 970 SD card image


I am testing the Hikey 970 board with an Android 9 in the internal memory, but I want to try a Debian image that found in lemaker page. My issues are that:

1- i want to backup the internal memory to an image, but i cannot find the way to clone it. An alternative could be booting the debian from the SD card, but

2- i cannot make it boot; i’m flashing the debian’s rootfs into the SD card, but it doasn’t work. Seems that i need a full SO image, but i cannot find one for Hikey 970.

If someone have an idea will be great!


To be honest, I am not sure I understand your question. Do you mean to save DDR content into a file? If so, suggest you could take a look for Linux kernel’s kdump and /proc/vmcore, which can be used to save DDR content.

I also don’t find any rootFS image for sdcard on Hikey970. But you could firstly boot rootFS from flash, and then use ‘chroot’ command to change rootfs to SD card if SD card has one root FS. But afterwards if you copy the DDR content to overwrite flash’s ‘system’ partition, you cannot boot the system again after power cycle.

Just curious, can you use rootFS in flash and simply save the related content into SD card?

Yes, i don’t really understand how internal memory works. But, i supouse that i can use chroot to use the sd card.

Thanks for the help