HiKey 960: Using two cameras simultaneously


Hi, Is it possible to use two camera’s simultaneously on the Hikey 960? Has this been tested and working?



I suppose your question is about Camera on CSI buses, I did not personally tested this, but this is in theory possible, Hikey-960, CSI0 (4 lanes) can support up to 26M@30fps and CSI1 (2 lanes) can support up to 8M@30fps.


Thanks Loic, for your inputs.

Yes, the question was on the CSI interface. Our product will have two cameras that will be used in parallel, connected to CSI 0 and CSI 1 ( or CSI 2)

What do you think would be the effort required to get two cameras working in parallel on HiKey 960?

Thank you.



Actually, problem seems to be the software, I don’t see any reference to CSI phy in the device tree nor driver for the hikey960. Need to check that with Hisilicon.


Thanks Loic. Appreciate if you could help with some information on using two CSI simultaneously.

We strongly believe that the Kirin 960 is powerful enough to take our vision application load. We’d like to make sure that we can use the cameras in parallel.

Thank you.


@Santhosh_N_M, Today we don’t support CSI camera and there is no clear plan for this. Given that you consider Kirin 960 for your product, I strongly recommend you to contact directly Hisilicon, they could/should have some plan and ongoing effort on their side to support this.


Thanks @Loic. I did talk to Hisilicon. Hisilicon says that, as of today, Kirin 960 is available only for Huawei. Which means it is not possible to build custom boards using Kirin 960 (as of today).

I’m not sure about the plan behind Lemaker and Archermind making HiKey 960 board. Probably Hikey 960 is only for hobbyists and students. Maybe Kirin 960 will be made available for the public in future, not sure when.

Thanks for your help!