Hikey 960 ISP StreamRouter + CVDR


Hi there,

Could I ask for the information required to utilise the ISP Streamrouter (hisi_isp_sr.c) in terms of reformatting and reordering of data received via MIPI and storing into memory. This file has hardcoded values for “data_type” and enabling reformatting. It would be great to get some documentation on this.

I would like the configuration for RAW data formats (I successfully get YUV frames)

Also, what do the CVDR pixel formats (specified in hisi_isp_cvdr.h) correspond to, i.e. DF_D32, DF_1PF8, etc?

Many thanks


WE have no much information about this, I think you should contact Hisilicon support.
Camera doc: http://mirror.lemaker.org/Hikey970%20Camera%20Introduce.pdf


Just a heads up that I’ll be working on adding the V4L2 support for ISP driver on HiKey960 in upcoming weeks.