Hikey 960 electricity goes off

Hello everyone

I am a newbie user in Hikey platform. I think, I have a problem about my board.
After several time, electricity goes off on board. Board is closed by itself. My keyboard light or any led on board arenot open.

Is this problem?

What is the spec of your power supply (what is voltage and max current)?

My power supply is 12V - 2A

Sorry to leave you without a reply for so long. Are you still having trouble with this?

If so can you describe what you are seeing in a little more detail? For example, is the board idle or “working hard”, does everything stop after a fixed time, does the Power key (on the board) bring the board up in the same state or is it a reboot from scratch.

I think, while hikey960 is working, I touched it with my hand. Maybe it was fused then it shutdown.
I tested that while it is working, I dont touch it, anything happened.

I want to ask another question @danielt. I need to use my hikey960 board with optee + android for my academic studies as soon as possible. When does Hikey960 support optee? @vchong said that there is no estimation time. But, If it will support optee after 3 months, I want to know for my studies. It is important to me.


I’m afraid I can only really say that @vchong is right… there is not an estimated delivery time for OP-TEE + Android! Having said that I suspect he might agree to announce on the forum if/when it becomes available.