HiKey 960: Availability of PCB CAD and other design files

Hi, I could see the schematics of the Hikey 960 here. Are other design files (like, CAD/Board files) available for download?

We are considering to use Karin 960 SoC in our product design and having those design files of Hikey 960 would be a good starting point.

Thank you.


From a 96Boards point of view we only require OEMs to provide schematics. This is enough to help a software engineer but not enough to help a board manufacturer make a clone. For reference designs for a SoC you would generally have to contact to SoC vendor (or maybe their wholesaler, but AFAIK there is not a wholesaler for Kirin 960).

Thanks Danielt.

Could you please let me know which manufacturer made the HiKey 960 board? Maybe if we get in touch with them they could help?

Sorry, I somehow overlooked the details of the manufacturer. I see HiKey 960 is manufactured by Archermind and LeMaker.