Hikey 620 or 920 for sale

Hello all,

Reciently I bricked my hikey 620 during my university research. We looked for boards yet we had not luck with ebay. I know the product has be discontinued. Does anyone have one that they are willing to sell me?


I believe that 960’s and 970’s are both still available for sale.
However, with approximately the same capabilities as the 620, the Dragonboard 410c is definitely still available, and frankly, much better supported.

Part of the purpose of the 96boards specification is that boards meeting the specification are to a very high degree, interchangeable.

The problem is that it does not compatible with op tee which I’m using.

Then you might want to look into the rock960.
According to https://optee.readthedocs.io/en/latest/general/platforms.html , the rk3399 is supported.

I already have developed alot of code for the 620/960 i ideally would like to keep it the same and don’t want to restart. Do you know of any suppliers or people willing to sell?

I’m not suggesting that you restart writing your software from zero.
Hopefully you didn’t build your software to be tied too tightly to the specific boards.
I suspect that if you can easily switch from hikey to hikey960, that it wouldn’t be much more to go to a rock960.

As you’ve already mentioned, the hikey board is discontinued. The hikey960 may also be, I’m not sure on that one. Either way, its looking like its time for you to think of using a different board that is actually available to purchase.

If you’re absolutely desperate, I have 3 hikey960’s I can part with, but what I would need for them is the cost of replacing them with dragonboard 820c’s ($415 US each), plus shipping.

That’s awesome!
I only need one what will be the price for that and where will it be shipping from?

Just to make sure we are on the same page… that number I gave you is PER EACH BOARD, not all 3 together. The price I’m giving you is MY COST to replace them, I’m not going to profit from this at all, and I’m not willing to incur a loss.

1 board $415 + shipping.
2 boards $830 + shipping.
3 boards $1245 + shipping.

Coming from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

oh i see so it’s $415 per board. I’m talking to my supervisor right now and will get back to you.

Yes. And in my opinion, more than you should be willing to pay for them.

ok my supervisor is interested in making a deal

In case you have a misconfigured spam filter, I did reply to your email. Please let me know if my proposal meets your supervisor’s requirements, then we can proceed.