High Speed Expansion Connector Breakout Board

Hi, doe anyone know of a vendor for a simple breakout board for the signals on the high speed expansion connector? I am doing some prototyping and the 0.8mm pitch of this connector is very hard to work with. If someone were to sell a simple mezzanine board that made the signals easier to access, I would buy it!

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To be honest I don’t think anyone has made something like this.

The CE spec is generous enough to supply part numbers that can help you track down suitable connectors:

However all the available connectors are SMD 0.8mm pitch. I guess if you’re finding the 0.8mm pitch hard work you’ve already got as far as buying connectors?

As it happens I did get something like this made for the LS connector (back in the early days before the 96boards-uart was available:
DIY mezzanine for 96boards

However I had it easy… I simply asked bitwizard to make a customized version of a product they already sold! That won’t work for the HS connector. If you want to go it alone you’ll probably have to design it yourself and get an outfit such as seeed to put it together for you.

Hi Daniel,

After playing around with the Amphenol 10075024‐G01‐20ULF Connector without much success, we decided that it would be easier to solder wires directly to the Dragonboard 410C board and add an intermediate connector. Fortunately, we only needed a few wires.

HS Expansion Connector Breakout

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