High framerate over CSI?

Does anyone know if it would be (conceptually) possible to achieve high framerates with a small region of interest over CSI using the Rock960?
Similar to the work done here:
The Raspberry Pi camera modules can support this as evidenced above, and also we have 4 CSI lanes to work with instead of 2

The rockchip-isp1 driver seems to support cropping, so perhaps this functionality is available “out of the box”?

Am I correct in assuming that the MIPI Adapter Mezzanine is sort of a dumb passthrough, and that I wouldn’t need to worry about this adapter rejecting non-standard communications or something?

I’m a bit out of my depth here, so any guidance would be appreciated.

Hi @pigeon,

Frame rate is pretty much dependent on the camera sensor properties you are interfacing with, like pixel clock, image height&width etc… I couldn’t find any reference to max frame rate supported by the RK3399 ISP.

Which image sensor you are working on and also which board (there are couple of RK3399 boards available)?


Hi Mani,

Thanks for the quick reply! I didn’t see it as I was editing my original post. I haven’t purchased the board or sensor yet, but I’ll be getting the Rock960, likely the c variant. I’m not set on the sensor at all, I’m basically open to using whatever can get me the fastest framerate at low resolution. I was thinking of using the RPi V2 sensor (IMX219) to start with.