Hi3660 datasheet, wanted!

Hi all!

I found only this one reference manual:
But, unfortunately, it is not enough.

Is it possible to get from somewhere the Hi3660 datasheet?


Yes this is the official one, I think the full datasheet is only available under NDA.

@Loic, Thanks for your comment, but I cannot find the way to contact Hisilicon for such an info. Maybe you know their e-mail address or so? Thanks!

for hikey’s and poplar’s soc are googlable and downladable from chinese sites, let’s wait a little, maybe something will leak soon :slight_smile:

pitfall is they are not in english

I’m working on U-Boot for another HiSilicon Soc. I have a driver that might be compatible with the Hi3660, but I don’t have a device to test on. Can anyone with one of these devices get into U-Boot, and run a md command for me, and respond with the result? It will determine if I can upstream my driver (as I can’t add a driver without any supported devices).

Command: md 0x20050ee0 0x4 That will likely get the chip ID registers.
I’m expecting it to return this: 20050ee0: 00000000 00000001 00000060 00000036 ...........…6`

Reference my Github page about the chip id stuff if you want some more context of what should be there, a driver (that I can’t yet upstream), how to add in the device node to use the driver, etc.