HI. USB Camera Dosen't work on HiKey960. What can I do?

I download factoryImg in this link:

  1. upload img to Hikey960 using fastboot.

  2. download hikey960-apps-721.zip(https://snapshots.linaro.org/96boards/hikey960/linaro/aosp-master/latest/hikey960-apps-721.zip) and install app.

  3. power on hikey960 board, connect usb camera( Logitech WebCam C270) .
    but. hikey960 don’t have camera app, and don’t working.(download another camera apk)
    what can i do?

if you have link or idea, tell me about that please.

Well, first off, you will need to enable UVC in the kernel. That means changing the config, rebuilding it, and building it into a boot.img.

And secondly, if you want the camera to work within Android, you will need to find or write a camera HAL to support UVC cameras. If not, then the camera will be able to work with console software, like ffmpeg.