Hi i really am sad today when i play game on hikey

hi today i received this board

and i tested to play game through adb install game apk

but it didn’t work well

sometimes suddenly black out on the screen

can i check some log when some bad things happend in there(actually i couldnot found what happend in this situation through logcat),

i really want to play and test game (unreal 4 engine) through this board

it is very important me

how can i use as this purpose?

please tell me the right way. to play mobile game.T.T

Are you under the impression that this is a video game console?


no i just want to make solution of verifing and testing game automatically without battery issue

so i have found out high performance board(on good GPU) with dc can play game with resonable price

but even though that is not game console as you already told you

i already have tested well few games. it worked well

so please don’t misunderstand or generalize someone’s intention

if i wanted to play just game or mobile game, i just bought mobile phone or console.

actually, i have nintendo switch, 3ds, Playstation4, Playstation3, Playstation4 pro, Xbox one and high-end PC
and iphone 7

i found out what is problem on hikey

it is related to power resource

so i just bought good dc power (12v 3a)

and then i can see the good performance on game on hikey

Is it the original one (shipped with the board)?

no i just bought dc adaptor(12v 3a) another location shop!