Help with testing out flaky binary

Hi Everyone,

I would need some help with testing out a flaky BOOT.BIN.

With some other people, we are trying to make MIPI CSI-2 work on the Ultra96 board. I managed to create a desgin with one MIPI CSI-2 interface that works as expected (more details here) .

After this, I added a second MIPI CSI-2 + video pipeline to the design. The design builds without errors or critical warnings (both Vivado + PetaLinux) , but the resulting BOOT.BIN does NOT seems to behave consistently on all the Ultra96 boards.

What we currenty have:

  • on my Ultra96 the PetaLinux boot hangs
  • on soc4video’s Ultra96 the PetaLinux sucessfully boots

More details on the following Xilinx’s forum thread:

I’m not sure if my Ultra96 is damaged or the design is just not stable enough to produce the same result on all the Ultra96 boards. Until now the design was tested on just two Ultra96 board and I would need your help to test it out on more boards.

The boot files (BOOT.BIN + PetaLinux image + DT) are uploaded to the archive in the following Google Driver folder:

The MD5 sum of the files should be:

$ md5sum *

6e89ca80cb4dd0739173500a04148c34 BOOT.BIN
3943dc0b191001b000aa0c10c9d735b9 Image
b5084f8058f8933dd709c7b43807b03d image.ub
3192552643661d7fbdc232c6d62cb602 system.dtb

What I would need from you is to:

  • copy the files onto your Ultra96’s SD card’s boot folder
  • try to boot Ultra96
  • share your result here