help ,Once the usb3.0 device is plugged in, the board is very hot.

I guess the problem may be usb drive, who knows how to solve it?

To be honest this board always runs hot! I’m a little surprised you can
tell the difference with or without a peripheral plugged in!

Really? I rigged my software to start a pwm fan at 50% duty cycle when the temperature reaches 40 and step up a bunch every 5 degrees until it reaches 100% at 70, fan drops off to zero only when the temperature falls below 35.

When it’s near idle, the fan actually stays off all the time. Navigation with Google maps / Waze / copilot / etc usually hovers around 45 degrees, and I really have to beat it up to get the fan up to full speed.

I have a whole bunch of usb stuff plugged in. 2 cameras (continuously recording from both to sdcard, including in the previously mentioned near idle state), sound card, GPS, touchscreen digitizer.

Generally, if it’s running hot, it (at least for me) means that there is something using a lot of CPU cycles. So the first step to figuring it out is to check out the top processes.

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Well… I suppose its quite a while since I plugged my board in and some
of the power saving features may have been enabled since then.

I guess this does bring up a question for the original poster: what OS
are you running on your board (and what was the build date)?