I’m based in the UK and wondered if anyone could recommend a supplier for the small quantities of 20x2x2mm headers for the low speed headers on the DragonBoard etc, I don’t particularly want to buy £35 worth of ribbon cable if I can avoid it.

I’ve seen some other references to suppliers but they appear to be for bulk purchasing.

When I started out fiddling with the LS connector I order custom version of these with the a male connector on the underside:

Combined with some protoboard from ebay it ends up looking like:
DIY mezzanine for 96boards

You might also use this as an opportunity to learn Kicad (the tutorial is awesome) and buy some SMD soldering kit. This is definitely the more ambitious approach but its not a joke. It is more or less how the 96boards-uart and 96boards-sensors came to be. I spent my time hand assembled a one-off UART adapter on top of the board shown above to help me get my Hikey running nicely in my home lab but… meanwhile another Linaro engineers designed the 96boards-uart instead. I think he got a better return on his investment :wink:

I’ve been using Fritzing and Eagle for PCBs / schematics although I’ve not actually sent anything off for making yet. I found some HARWIN connectors this morning, M22-2022005. I plan to solder directly to those rather than build a mezzanine board. Perhaps a mezzanine with level shifters and proto-area would be a good one.