HDMI problem? nnnnnnn

Is there something severely wrong with the HDMI on these things? Out of 3 displays, one consistently gets display from this board. One occasionally works. One NEVER works.

All three support standard 1920x1080 input.

Behavior is the same with what it shipped with, and a fresh build of AOSP master (synced about an hour ago).

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Just to add to this, the display that works “occasionally” is this;

I found a way to make these always work, but it involves booting the board on a television that “always works”, and then switching the cable.

Nevermind. Forcing the mode as a kernel parameter seems to fix it. Guess there is something going funny with EDID.

@doitright Good troubleshooting! There are some related details here: Display resolution and timing - #32 by danielt