HDMI port is not working



I have built the android Linux BSP and flashed binaries in the DB410c platform. I have connected a TV in the HDMI port and set 0 on the 4th switch S6. But i don’t get any signal on the HDMI port.

I have seen some debug messages like:

mdss_dsi_panel_init: Panel Name = dsi_adv7533_1080p
mdss_dsi_parse_dcs_cmds: failed, key=qcom,mdss-dsi-panel-status-command
mdss_dsi_parse_panel_features: ulps feature disabled
mdss_dsi_parse_panel_features: ulps during suspend feature disabled
mdss_dsi_parse_panel_features: dynamic switch feature enabled: 0
mdss_dsi_parse_panel_features:1168, Disp_en gpio not specified
mdss_dsi_panel_init: Continuous splash disabled
dsi_panel_device_register:1815, Disp_en gpio not specified
dsi_panel_device_register:1823, TE gpio not specified
dsi_panel_device_register: bklt_en gpio not specified
mdss_dsi_pll_1_clk_init: can’t find vco_clk. rc=-517
PLL 1 Clock’s did not register

Is there any other thing that i need to concentrate on?




  • did the board boot/work when you got it? It comes with Android pre-loaded, was HDMI working?
  • have you tried the released image as well? do they work? just trying to understand if it could be a build/setup issue on your side?



Thanks for your reply.

It is working now. The problem is with the TV that i have used.

I have observed in the current BSP that the DSI format settings also configured while setting the format to the ADV7533. Is it necessary?

Since the ADV7533 has the CEC_DSI segment to configure the chip to detect the input dsi format.