HDMI output on HiKey 970

It is written on Getting Started with the HiKey970 - 96Boards, that the HiKey970 board is ready to use “out of the box” with a preinstalled version of operating system. Boards bootup and displays output on LCD monitor using HDMI cable.

However when i connect Hikey970 I am not getting any signal on HDMI output. Board is heating up so i think its its booting, however no output on display.

Could anyone please help me in getting display on HDMI?

Have you got access to other displays you can try? Some display devices do not accept the display timings issued by these boards.

I have the same issue here. Tried the board on a LCD monitor and a TV. Both showed no signal.

The very unfortunate thing about the HDMI output on these boards is that while the chance of two different monitors randomly tested both being unable to cope with the hikey timing limitations, the chance isn’t lowered enough to consider it “unlikely”. For me, the first monitor I tested that worked was, I think, the 4th one I tried.

I got it to work. You just have to keep trying different TV’s or monitors. Linux OS loaded on my board does not have other sync rate than 1080P60. So please make sure your HDMI display device can support this setting.