HDMI on hikey 620 with uboot

Hi all,

  • I use 4.4 kernel and the bootloader is u-boot on Hikey 620. Could you please tell me as to how to test HDMI on the normal kernel image (Image and dtb)? Are there any configs required to be enabled for HDMI?

  • I just want some console(framebuffer) or any characters to appear on HDMI monitor. Is there any way to get HDMI up when I connect my board to hdmi monitor

  • Currently nothing gets displayed on my monitor when I connect to hikey. I use serial console now.

  • I use Lemaker version

Many thanks,

Could you give more Info about your OS/Distro, I assume you are running a regular linux, rpb-oe ?

Do you have a /dev/fb0 device file ?
if yes, what happens if your perform the following:
$ cat /dev/urandom > /dev/fb0


Thank you for the suggestion. But I do not see the device file fb0 . Is there any config required?

I use busybox based minimal rootfs.

The Linux GFX developers are trying to part with /dev/fb0 (… but users like it). If it is configured out you should still have the mode setting API exposed: Advanced DRM Mode-Setting API | Ponyhof

BTW are you able to determine if your monitor is syncing (e.g. are you seeing a black screen from the hikey… or no signal at all).