HDMI not working

I am using 410c board and following the instruction to hook the hdmi-dvi cable to my monitor (powered on), then power on the 410C, there is not video signal show on the monitor. I have tried 2 monitors, one is HP z24i (1920X1200) and one Viewsonic va2323WM (1920X1080). Both of them don’t show anything. Ipress the power button on the 410c, still nothing. I tried the hdmi-dvi cable with my laptop, the monitors are fine and show my loaptop screen…

I hooked the 410C to my HDTV through hdmi-hdmi cable, the TV shows the android screen.

What is the problem? the 410C is just out of box and I haven’t change any image/software.

Hope to get some help from the site. Thank you.


It appears that a direct HDMI connection is necessary, even thought doc on the 96Boards site for the 410c says “HDMI capable monitor is recommended”. My monitor has a DVI input, so I used an HDMI to DVI adapter, but the monitor kept flashing the message “Cannot display this video mode”. Plugged the HDMI cable from the 410c into an HDMI port on a different monitor and it worked.

Thanks a lot for the information. Will we have the fix for this?


AFAIK Android for DB410C doesn’t support any kind of monitor detection, instead it is hard coded to produce video at 1920x1080p60 and to use HDMI protocol (DVI-D protocol is similar but different enough to confuse some monitors). I’m not aware of any plans to fix this. It is probably possible to recompile the Android kernel with a few extra register pokes to force the ADV7533 chip into DVI-D mode but for now I’m afraid that is an “exercise for the reader”.

Having said that please be aware that Debian for DB410C uses a different display stack (based on Freeduino). This alternative display stack has comprehensive support for monitor detection and supports a much wider range of display devices.