HDMI audio output in dragonboard845c


From the linaro wiki page https://wiki.linaro.org/AOSP/db845c, it is mentioned as “HDMI audio work is in progress” as a known issue. Does anybody know is it really resolved now?


Looking at latest release note (20.07), it seems enabled now:

HDMI Audio enablement.



Thanks for your quick reply. I need another info… For Dragonboard845c, do we need to bring up by installing driver for HDMI or WiFi or Bluetooth by building the GKI kernel without much efforts/issues? Or is it enabled by default i.e available with prebuilt system and boot image?

If I want to replace HiKey960 with Dragonboard 845c, can I easily replace like plug and play?


I’m using debian 20.07 now, I played a video clip on Youtube from Firefox, there is no sound from the HDMI monitor.
Is there any setting to enable the sound over HDMI?

please check the pulse audio settings (in pulse audio volume controller). it might default to the analog output, not hdmi.