Hardware_id on 410C

I am just try to build a DSI panel kernel,and I have some question in “dsi_display_porting_guide” document I found some code like
switch (hw_id) {
if (hw_subtype == HW_PLATFORM_SUBTYPE_720P)

  • panel_id = NT35521_720P_VIDEO_PANEL;


if(!splash_override) {
dprintf(SPEW, “Target_cont_splash=1\n”);

“case HW_PLATFORM_QRD”, The board_hardware_id is define in what files? or it is depends on hardware?

I’m still not able to find the repo for this myself but under the Android tree, there should be a bootable/bootloader/lk/platform/msm_shared/board.c file that contains the board_hardware_id function, which traces back the id as the msm id provided by some init function that corresponds to your target in lk/target/.

Anybody knows if/where this bootloader is available?

Eh… lk/platform/msm_shared/smem.h has all the definitions in it. Not, mind you, the logic that decides which constants apply.

I think the one in question is HW_PLATFORM_SBC [= 24].

More importantly, that code being pointed out is just deciding whether or not the lk should show a splash screen. Not exactly the most pressing aspect of bringing up a display.

I suggest focusing on the linux kernel side of things first. Get that working, because that is the only part that is actually relevant. The only downside to lk NOT showing a splash screen, is that it takes a bit longer before you actually see that something is happening with the device. Especially since the default kernel ALSO doesn’t show a splash screen, so the first display output is actually from the boot animation AFTER the kernel has finished initializing.

@ldts, fwiw the LK source tree is here:


the tag we use for the 15.06 release (at least for Ubuntu, not 100% sure for Android…) is