Gstreamer output to HDMI port on 820c

What is the correct sink to use to get gstreamer to output to the HDMI port on the 820c?

when X11 , the recommendation is to use glimagesink which will end up using OpeGL(es) and EGL or GLX for the actual rendering, so effectively using the GPU for video color conversion, scaling and display.

Yes, But can we get gstreamer to output the decoded video to the HDMI port (not an X11 window)?

are you saying that you are not using any graphics environment? and have the fb console only on HDMI?

if so, then yes, you can use ‘kmssink’ plugin from Gst, it will render the buffers directly into a KMS plane, overlaid on top of the fbcon.

I have a high definition (4K) display hooked to the HDMI out port on the 820c. I want to render the video directly to the HDMI port. How does on install kmssink?