Grove Sensor Mezzanine Wiki

I have started to create a wiki/github repository for using the Grove Mezzanine Board. My goal is help simplify the process of getting started. I would like for a user to start by loading the latest version Debian UNIX and then follow some instructions to get started.
This located here:

The readme file has the instructions. I have taken the script that are in the gettinStarted.pdf file and put them in my github repository.

I am having a problem getting the UPM library to install correctly using Debian 16.09.
I cannot get the rgb project to compile as shown in step 17 of the readme file.

Hi David

This is caused by an API change (and other re-organisation) of the UPM library. Their statement on API compatibility is:

API Compatibility

Even if we try our best not to, every once in a while we are forced to modify our API in a way that will break backwards compatibility. If you find yourself unable to compile code that was working fine before a library update, make sure you check the API changes section first.

NOTE - Our C++ header files changed extension from .h to .hpp!

The last point here is the most important. The name of the header file that must be included has changed.

Specifically you need to change the second line from:

#include "upm/jhd1313m1.h"


#include "upm/jhd1313m1.hpp"

Additionally you will also have to change the flags you pass to the C++ compiler. Try:

g++ rgb_lcd_demo.cpp -o rgb_lcd_demo -g -Wall -I/usr/local/include/upm -lupm-jhd1313m1


That worked! Thank you for your help.

Hi David,
As an FYI, the github README has been updated for the Grove Sensor Mezzanine. This makes any of the pdf versions obsolete. Please use this moving forward and if you find any issues let us know.