GPU Rock960 problem

After doing a test with the old debian image and now with the new image, I have analyzed that when a compilation of any game is made, the hardware acceleration under x11 does not work correctly. It only works well with SDL libraries, since it uses the framebuffer and accesses the api layer.

Try the game kobodeluxe and its acceleration opengl!!!

If we select the acceleration of opengl in any game, there are frame breaks and more or less it works at about 5 or 6 fps.

With the video does not happen, the kodi works correctly, but I think that with wayland in the acceleration of 3d only acts with certain apps like glmark2.

Very bad for rockchip and for its closed driver code. They would have to take an example of vivante drivers and their freescale socs.

Are they going to improve the acceleration of X11 and 3d in general?

Please, the rock960 has a lot of potential, and you need some optimized gpu drivers and some instructions to install the debian on a usb3.0 unit, if you do not have an ssd nvme disk with its respective adapter, which I have not could acquire due to lack of stock.

Put the batteries and expand the support of the rock960, do not leave it abandoned, since the gpu that carries has a power of almost 100gflops.

The mali GPU doesn’t support OpenGL, it supports OpenGL ES. You can run glmark2-es to test the GPU. glmark2-es is included in the desktop release.