GPS under Debian


I am trying to check the GPS in the last Debian release.
Sometimes it works ok, to find a first satellite takes a lot of time. I think about 10minutes with an external amplified antenna.
Sometimes it does not finds any satellites at all and reboot is needed.
Also the service toggles the GPIO96 all the time and i could not find any dts definition of GPIO96, is it hard coded?
Thank you


Hey Leonid,

I tried the GPS, too. Cannot say whats the GPIO96 is doing, cause I did not watch it. But I can say that the board has not the best sensitivity at its on board GPS antenna.

Maybe important: Do your board has a shield on the Snapdragon processor (the big one) ? I know that the early boards did not have it like in the picture of 96boards webpage. If the processor is not covered by this big shield it will effect the GPS signal quality.

Best wishes!


The test were performed on the Red board (without shield), but with external antenna adaptation. And i am using amplified antenna with the correct bias voltage.

I will test the same with the Android and check the lock time there.

As i know any consecutive lock should take less time after the first lock was finished.
The first long time is after power up or after SW update?
Thank you, Leonid.