GPS on Linux

Is there any command that I can use to turn off/on, and read from GPS in linux? I am using Linaro/Debian linux from here:


Hi amati,

In an upcoming Linaro release there will be initial support for getting gps data through gpsd, but for now this is unfortunately not available.


Came across these two packages

gnss-gpsd - QCOM GPS integration to GPSD
qmi-gps-proxy - QCOM GPS proxy daemon.

And also there was a sys class entry here

Is this some info that can be used to interact with the GPS chipset?


the last release, done in June, has GPS integrated. Most of the GPS s/w stack runs on the DSP, not on the main ARM core. And there is a small wrapper on the ARM core that bridges the GPS data from the DSP into a tty device. we also provide a couple of init script to integrate the wrapper into gpsd.

the release note for the June release have a few additional details about how to get started with the GPS. These 2 packages contains the necessary user space wrapper and init scripts. Note that you will also need to run the most recent 4.4 based kernel.

Thanks for the update. I did note these packages gpsd. Any pointer or documentation for the mentioned wrapper will be helpful.

I too am interested in accessing the GPS. I can start the DSP and telnet to 2947 to interface with gpsd and I can also cat the /dev/ttyGPS0 device and see strings from the GPS, but I am not sure how to control the GPS (i.e. report rate, etc.). I would like to be able to access the GPS from C/C++ and get the current position fix. Any pointers on how to do this with the GPS on the Dragonboard410c?

Okay, so I think I figured out my own question. Would the recommended approach be to use GPSD and its client side interface? Seems like that is the most straightforward and standard method.

hello @ ndec
can you please tell me how i will access the onboard gps and bluetooth of dragonboard 410c having linaro (debian) o.s in it as i am not finding any icon on linux (debian) operating system ? well i installed gps through LxTerminal ? please provide the solution as i am not getting and stuck in this ? your help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!