Gpio 32 to high!



I’m trying to switch 410c display output from HDMI to DSI.

I use the command fastboot oem select-display-panel whatever_your_panel_name_is for select my panel, but it doen’s work :frowning:

I/qdhwcomposer( 236): getPanelResetStatus: got change event in fb0 with PANEL_ALIVE=0
W/qdhwcomposer( 236): hwc_prepare: panel is in bad state. reset the panel
D/qdhwcomposer( 236): reset_panel: setting power mode off
D/qdhwcomposer( 236): hwc_setPowerMode: Setting mode 0 on display: 0

How can you set the gpio32 to high?


Hi @fjaviermo,

I am nut sure about the MIPI-DSI, but for the gpio, would this help from the adb shell?

$ cd /sys/class/gpio
$ echo 32
$ cd gpio32
$ echo out > direction
$ echo 1 > value # set value to HIGH
$ echo 0 > value # set value to LOW