Google Play Services

I am Working on Snapdragon 410c board.And developing map application on android platform which gets GPS coordinate form board and shows location on Google map.But my application requires Google play Services.
How to install Google play Services on Board.

Hi Subhag,

You can refer to the thread below for further info. As mentioned in it, please note that we really can’t help you with the install as there simply isn’t a properly licensed version available for the board.

Thanks vchong,
Is there any other method to run .apk file of Google Map project on DB410c?
I made .apk file of my project in android studio.

Others on the forum have mentioned that it should be ok for r&d purposes only. If it’s really ok then you can just side load it as mentioned in the reference thread above. You could look at the alternative app stores mentioned [1][2] as well.


I found APKpure

delivering almost all the free apk that you may need.
When installed Google services you also make your Dragon Board a bit slower since it must run the services at start.

But if you really want to install the Google services and Play here is a link. I succeeded in the previous version of Android to install it but failed on the new 99 version. Maybe the file I have should be updated. Try it: