Google Assistant in DB410c


I am trying Google Assistant project from this on DB410c board.

Steps and commands given in above link is for Linaro Debian OS. So i want to know that if this project is only for Debian or it can be also work with Android OS?

If it’s also work with Android then can someone please suggest how to get work Google Assistant in Android.


Well, in its present form, that looks like it would be pretty strongly tied to GNU/Linux, rather than Android. But with some work, you could certainly get it working under Android.

I think on a regular Android device Google Assistant integration by the (proprietary) Google Play Services which are not present on DB410C AOSP builds.

The Google Assistant SDK used by the project you linked to relies heavily on infrastructure that is common GNU/Linux distros but not on Android (python, pip, ALSA wrapper libraries, etc). Porting the SDK is a fairly large job and few of the tutorials are going to be relevant (for example you will have to write entirely new code to capture data from the microphone and present it to the SDK).

So porting to Android is not impossible but it will be a big job (and useful only to niche audiences because it will not be useful on production phones).