GICV2 has been supported in Minos


Minos is a lightweight open source Type 1 Hypervisor for mobile and embedded systems that runs directly in bare metal environments. Minos implements a complete virtualization framework that can run multiple VMs (Linux or RTOS) on one hardware platform. Minos provides CPU virtualization; interrupt virtualization; memory virtualization; Timer virtual ; and the virtualization of some common peripherals.


Now GICV2 has been supported, and tested on arm fvp. When created guest vm just add --gicv2 argument.

# ./mvm -c 1 -m 64M -i boot.img -n linux -t linux -v --gicv2 -r -d -D virtio_console,@pty: -D virtio_blk,~/minos-workspace/sd.img -D virtio_net,tap0 -C "console=hvc0 loglevel=8 consolelog=9 root=/dev/vda2 rw"