Getting started with CoreSight on DragonBoard 410c

I want to use CoreSight on a DragonBoard 410c. My ultimate goal is to access CoreSight in both ways described in the default kernel documentation (, which are using the sysfs interface and using perf+openCSD.

I’ve installed Linaro’s [dragonboard-410c-sdcard-installer-sid-1029.img] Linux image, and the problem is that I don’t have a /sys/bus/coresight directory. In other words, CoreSight components are not registered out of the box.

The explanation provided in the default kernel documentation on how to perform this registration is not clear to me as I’m new to this topic. I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide me with a detailed step by step instruction on how to register CoreSight components on a DragonBoard 410c.

I think you may want to enable all CONFIG_CORESIGHT* flags in your kernel config and rebuild + install it. you can follow the following guide (and adapt for your needs with make menuconfig):