Getting started with Carbon BLE

Hi All,
I am new to this forum and also new to 96 Boards. I am starting my way with development and I would be happy if you can assist me with developing Carbon BLE board.
I just purchased new board costs around 30$ and I am sure that I can learn more from this board then an Arduino board that costs the same. I chose this board! :slight_smile:

I know that with Arduino the learning curve would be much easier since I already been using it for a very long time, I wanted to learn something new - completely Brand NEW - BLE and STM with DFU development.

I am taking this adventure since i like to explore different worlds and that is also how I can up with 96 Boards and this forum.

I tried learning online and I could not get any progress with even do an “Hello World” sketch or anything.
I could not find any information that I can sue online or even a simple Blink sketch (if exist) I also would be happy to work with the STM32F401 and the BLE as well.

since I am new and have EXP in this I am failing to get the basics and even getting the DFU mode recognized on my PC as well.
I use Win8.1 and Every time I connect it to the USB (using the board OTG connection) while pressing the BOOT0 I am NOT getting it to DFU mode at all, It is being recognized as a USB STM32 Bootloader in device manager and when I launch DfuSeDemo v3.0.6 I do not see the board at all.

I have tried following the instruction that I found online (they are far from being intuitive)
I have tried everything within my knowledge and I know that I have no EXP with this board - so I came to the experts here to assist me with the basics.

I really appreciate your help with starting developing with this board and start my journey with developing also with BLE and many other boards from 96 Boards.

Will be happy to know what I am doing wrong? If I am missing tools any kind of setting or anything else that I must have to start developing with Carbon BLE board.


I’d recommend taking a look at Zephyr as a good framework to use to bring boards like the Carbon alive:

You’ll need to read a bit of additional Zephyr docs that cover getting started and as your progress there’s a lot of great docs from the Zephyr project to keep you busy! As you mentioned the learning curve is steeper but there’s still plenty to guide you on your way.

Anyhow, once you have the bits and pieces installed then building a simple blinky app should be fairly easy (although I confress I haven’t tried it myself for several years):

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Thanks @danielt - I really appreciate your help that helps a lot.
I will start with Zephyr and understand it better, After that I will try my best.