Getting AI on Rock960

Board based on the Rockchip RK3399 - ARM Cortex-A72 Dual-core up to 1.8GHz + Cortex A53 Quad-core up to 1.4GHz


I bought a couple of Rock960’s this week. This board is listed as an AI board but I don’t see any images with prebuilt AI libraries(like the Hikey970 on leemaker’s site). It would be great to release such images and also it would actually justify the capabilities of this board. The image on the site is a 32 bit image which is demeaning the capabilities of the A72 core’s. The rock960 is a really good board but I would really like if they do more on the AI side on linux. When is Vamrs planning to release the full GPU stack for this board? Which MIPI/CSI camera works well on this board?

A question for @hipboi :wink:

Hi @hipboi is a friend and has supported us in pasr , can help him out .
Which libraries would you like to see prebuilt on the board ?

Hi @Nik_shunya. My main develpoment is on tensorflow and opencv. So if both of them combined in an image would be perfect for me. Also a lot of people use caffe, so an image with caffe pre-installed would also make sense.


You can download the firmware from OpenAILab:

Checkout their Tengine